IMPACT Series Platforms

Towering over your casino floor and boasting a crystal-clear 49” 4k floating display, the IMPACT 49 is raising the bar with thrilling content that enhances the players experience. Part of the IMPACT family of cabinets, this newest revelation is even bigger, bolder, and brighter than its 27” and 43” predecessors, making it a must have for your casino floor.

Show-Stopping 49” 4K Floating Display

Offers engaging new 4K content that takes winning to new heights

Dynamic LED Lighting and Enhanced Audio

Captivates players and stimulates the senses

Sleek, Ergonomic Button Deck

Designed with USB to offer maximum player comfort

Space Efficient Design

Provides for a variety of base configurations that seamlessly fit your casino


Type: 120/240 VAC
Height without candle: 83.5”
Width of base: 27.8”
Depth of base: 21.9”
Depth with player deck: 26.6”
Weight: 322lbs